Maintenance Tips

Ever wonder what the best way to care for concrete was? Do you want to make it last as long as possible without cracking, flaking or crumbling? Here's the answers to all your burning concrete questions.

The first thing to do to protect concrete is have a Winter Maintenance Program. Yes, that means You! Once concrete has been poured and cured you will need to do the following steps in the Spring and/or early Fall

(1) Power wash to remove any loose sealers, joint compounds and most stains.
(2) Install (where necessary) a high grade of expansion and joint sealer.
(3) Apply a fresh coat of sealer. (We offer a sealer that also densensified the surface for an extra 1000 PSI to a 1/4" depth.)
(4) Epoxy bond repair of most chipped areas (slight discoloration from existing surface may occur.)

Other Tips to make your concrete look good and last long!

Avoid using any de-icing chemical the first winter if at all possible. The only safe material to use to make the concrete surface skid resistant is plain sand.

Never use de-icers containing ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate. These chemicals are often packaged and sold as de-icers but they will rapidly disintegrate concrete.

A quality penetrating sealer will add years to the life of your concrete. Many good proprietary brands are available or use boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits mixed 50/50.